Email Automation

Save time with autoresponders and automated email series.

Get the most out of email marketing by automating your email campaigns. Deliver information to customers at the right time with an email series that not only improves open and click-through rates, but also increases sales.



Nurture leads

Communicate with prospects about the benefits of your offering. Move prospects closer to becoming paying customers by delivering targeted messages at a frequency that improves open and click-through rates.

Re-engage inactive subscribers

Win back customers or donors after a period of inactivity. Create a series of emails designed to remind them of all the great things you provide and what they might be missing. Easily remove contacts from your list if they don’t engage.

Name your
email series
Select a
contact list
Determine time
Create the
first email
Add and create as many
emails as you'd like

Analyze results

Measure email performance with easy-to-digest real-time reporting. See high-level metrics for the entire series as well as a breakout for each individual email message. Similar to a solo email campaign report, see a series summary that shows number of emails sent, opens and clicks.


Easily identify underperforming emails ripe for optimization. Make adjustments to the subject line, content or frequency to improve results.

advanced reporting

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